Goodbye, iTunes. You Suck!

itunes sucksIt’s official. I’m finally leaving iTunes after staying with them for way too long. And now that I’ve left, I can’t believe how much suffering I put up with. Let’s be honest, iTunes really does suck.

The last straw came when I made an iOS update recently and lost all the music I’d uploaded years ago from CD’s into my iTunes library. Before digital music, I had gathered a great collection of CD’s. I love music. I had CD’s from James Brown and Norah Jones; Beethoven and Bill Withers; Van Morrison and Earth, Wind & Fire; Lyle Lovett and Aretha Franklin; Pat Green and Ray Charles; on and on.

I loaded each of my beloved CD’s slowly, one by one, into iTunes. I put them in playlists. I listed each album under genres. I meticulously organized all of the songs. And then, without warning, they were all gone.

At least I kept the physical CD’s…I think…somewhere. I haven’t come across them yet. Foolishly, I thought they were safe on iTunes.

After this happened, I searched online to see if I could get the music back and found a lot of other pissed off people who had also lost their music with the update. Unless you purchased songs from iTunes, they were all gone—just like that.

iTunes is expensive

itunes is expensiveWhen I lost my CD music, all that was left was the music I had purchased on iTunes. And there it was—in one long (very long) list. Only then did I realize how many digital albums and songs I had purchased. I stand firm on not bootlegging music, but it was a little shocking to see all of those purchases.

And a few more reasons that iTunes sucks

It wasn’t just this though, I’d always had problems with iTunes. Whenever I got a new laptop, tablet, or phone—it was always a major headache to get my iTunes library transferred over correctly. Playlists disappeared without explanation from time to time. Syncing didn’t always work.

Enjoying music just shouldn’t be this frustrating!

And now it’s not.

i love spotify

I’ve fallen in love with Spotify

I may be late to the party, but I’ve finally discovered and fallen in love with Spotify. And after being with them for awhile now, I’ll never, never consider going back to iTunes.

Where iTunes was difficult, Spotify is simple. ITunes was expensive; Spotify is not. ITunes was cumbersome, but Spotify is fun.

Spotify is just…EASY. I love that. And with the exception of Taylor Swift and Garth Brooks, (Where are those old CD’s of mine?) all of the artists I love are on Spotify. Obscure and popular, old and new—they’re all there.

Spotify has a monthly fee; we pay $15 a month for five family members. And that’s it. Unlimited music for the big music lovers in our family—that’s a lot of music.

Playlists are now super easy (and cheap)

mixtapeI’ve always loved making playlists. Back in the day,  I’d carefully put the needle of my record player down on a song on one of my albums and then punch the record button on a tape recorder. Then I’d switch out the album, pick another song and continue. This was how we used to make good, old-school mix tapes. It was definitely labor-intensive.

Then iTunes came along and it all became digital. I loved it! I had a playlist for our annual summer kick-off party, a playlist for our Christmas party, playlists for birthdays and Halloween. My inner DJ came out I guess—there were so many playlists.

When I was having some people over recently, I thought that I’d make my first Spotify playlist if I had time. I couldn’t believe how much quicker and easier it was than it had been on iTunes. After about 20 minutes, I’d pulled together the 40 to 50 songs that I had on an old iTunes playlist. It cost me NOTHING and then without spending anything more, I added several new songs. Making the new playlist was easy, cheap and worked perfectly—playing right through my TV. Maybe iTunes does that too. I don’t know; because if it does, it wasn’t easy enough for me to figure out as quickly as I did with Spotify.

But wait! There’s more!

As I write this, I’m listening to a cool feature called Discover. It’s a weekly-updated playlist that’s a roundup of songs that Spotify selects—ones I might like based on my personal listening history. Right now it’s playing a Robert Earl Keen song that I really like but have never heard before, and probably wouldn’t have without this.

One more thing I’m loving with Spotify—when you put together a fabulous playlist that you know is awesome, you can share it and send it to friends. In fact, one of my current favorite playlists is one that I discovered when John Dickerson shared it on Twitter. It’s made up of Bob Dylan songs and it’s fabulous. I’d never really listened much to Bob Dylan before, but I find myself listening to this constantly these days. If you’re on Spotify, look it up. He calls it Dylan Birthday Playlist.

Do you realize how much all of this new music would have cost me on iTunes?

Yep, change is good. Spotify is good. And I’m never coming back, iTunes.