Business Blogs: The Best Way to Unlock 10 Powerful Benefits

Business blogs

Not too long ago, just having a nice website helped your business stand out. That’s no longer the case, however, now that everyone has a website. But the number of companies who maintain consistently updated business blogs as a part of their websites is much smaller. This is how you can stand out today.

A business blog is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to promote your business. Having a current blog gives you some powerful benefits. Here are ten of them:

1) Business blogs increase your SEO ranking

Period. This one reason alone can make the money you spend on blog content worthwhile.

Google gives better ranking to websites that are regularly updated, and there is no easier way to get Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reward than with regular blog posts.

This is because Google–and other search engines–love fresh content. business blogs increase SEOEvery time you write a blog post, you’re adding another indexed page to your website and keeping your site current. Each new blog post is one more opportunity for your site to show up in search engines and drive traffic to your website.

Really, how often can you update your About Us page? It’s just not going to happen regularly. But with a blog as part of your website, you are basically updating your site every week (or however often you choose to publish a blog post).

It can’t be overstated: this benefit, by itself, makes it worthwhile to add a blog to your website.

2) Business blogs establish you as an authority in your field

The best blogs provide answers to questions that their customers and leads have. If you provide content with information that your target customers need, they view you as an authority in your industry. (And a helpful one at that!)

Think about this–if a potential client is researching something on google and a search result shows them the answer they’re looking for in one of your blog posts–you have instant authority. Guess who they’re going to call when they are ready to use the services or products that you provide?

You are the expert at what your business does, and blog posts can demonstrate this to your customers.

3) Business blogs bring long term results

Unlike advertising, a well-written blog post can keep getting hits weeks, months and even years from now. In fact, studies show that 70% of blog traffic comes from posts previously published more than a month ago.

While the money you spend on advertising is over with the campaign, the money you spend on getting a good blog post published will drive new traffic and leads to your site indefinitely. Not many other marketing expenses can provide this type of long term benefit!

4) Business blogs give your company a personal touch and voice

Your website’s Home Page or About Us page won’t hold a candle to showing the personal side of your business the way that blog posts will. Your blog gives you the opportunity to share your voice and personality.

Even if your blog doesn’t have SEO keywords, calls to action, links to your website, and beautiful images, blogging still develops a solid relationship to your community. This is another benefit that, all on its own, is worth maintaining a business blog.

5) Business blogs provide constant and relevant material for your social media accounts

Business blogs help social mediaIf you have social media accounts (and please say that you do have social media accounts), your blog posts give you interesting, topical, current things to post on your social media that link back to your website.

Sharing your blog posts on your social media sites is the easiest way to increase traffic to your business website. It’s really as simple as that!

6) Business blogs introduce you to a new audience when your posts are shared by others

Here’s another social media benefit: when your blog posts are shared by others onto their social media accounts, this introduces your business to completely new potential customers. And if your blog posts are educational and informative, they are likely to be shared.

If you have included other businesses in your post, those businesses may share your post with their customers. For example, a catering blog that mentions a reception venue in a flattering way will very likely see that venue share the blog post to all of their followers.

Every time you publish a blog post, you’re creating content that others can share on FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or other social media sites. This exposes your company to an audience who may not know you yet.

7) Business blogs show that your company is alive and well

Have you ever read an About Us page of a website and wondered how current it is? Or looked up an address or business hours, and hoped that they were up to date? People visiting a website with a current blog don’t have these concerns.

Some business consultants suggest that if you aren’t going to keep your blog updated, it may be better not to have one at all (and that’s really not a good option). When someone comes to your blog and sees recent posts, it shows that your business is current,  thriving, maintained, well-staffed, and promoted. That just looks good!

business blogs benefits

8) Business blogs grow relationships with other businesses

If done correctly, your blog posts will sometimes include links to other sites of use to your customer. These other business will definitely notice and appreciate the shout-outs. And in turn, they’ll be more likely to recommend you to their customers when the opportunity arises. Blogging is the easiest place to develop these symbiotic relationships with other businesses in your community.

As a further benefit, SEO also rewards websites with links to other sites (called backlinks).

9) Business blogs allow you to compete against larger companies

Blogging helps you compete with the big boys. By adding a blog to your website, you can appear higher in search engines and be ranked along bigger businesses who are using large advertising budgets. Blogging really can help level the playing field in many ways.

10) Business blogs provide information that carry more authority than traditional advertising

People just trust the information they read on a blog post more than they do information in an advertisement. If you can give your readers useful information—even if you include a few plugs for how your business can help them with the topic at hand—you will be viewed as a credible source.

Plus, instead of you reaching out to a prospective client with advertising, blog post readers have come to your site on their effort.

Business Blogs: A critically important part of today’s smart marketing plans

Having a business blog gives you increased visibility and establishes you as a leader in your field. Blogging strengthens your relationships with your existing customers, potential clients, community, and other business partners. Talk about stretching your marketing dollar! Not many marketing tools can give you this much bang for your buck.

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